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La flaca

Tardeo canalla con amigos en Madrid

We are rogues

We are a young tavern that landed in Serrano in February 2023, where the Bar Carallo restaurant used to be, but our story dates back to 2015 with the original La Flaca on Velázquez Street.
La Flaca was the go-to spot for “Tardeos” in Madrid. With that dream in mind, we opened the doors of “La Flaca Tardeos” in 2024, and since then, we have been a reference point in Madrid for those looking for a fun plan in a tavern or a room to dance and sing until the body can’t take it anymore. Let the end of the world catch you dancing! At La Flaca, we consider ourselves more than just a restaurant or a room: we are a family. We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where our clients feel welcome and appreciated at all times. Love, come and WINE CAME. We are beer lovers, wine and food enthusiasts. We are experts at setting up a good party always accompanied by good music. We are experts in getting carried away and going to infinity and beyond. We know we have captivated you, so come and let us pour you a BEER.
Tardeo afterwork Madrid La Flaca
We know we’ve captivated you, so come and let us pour you a BEER