Almorzar con amigo en terraza Madrid
Traditional spanish cuisine
Welcome to La Flaca, where the flavor and The freshness of the moment is incredible. Gastronomic experience in Madrid!

Our food menu has been carefully designed to satisfy all palates,
with a selection of dishes that reflect our passion for traditional
and healthy cuisine.
Every dish on our menu is prepared with fresh and quality
ingredients, so you can enjoy a meal that feeds both body and
soul, always accompanied by music to guarantee enjoyment and

Spanish typical dish

Tapeo en Madrid
Restaurante La Flaca plato típico Español
copa de vino en restaurante La Flaca
Postre en La Flaca
Cena en Madrid en Restaurante la Flaca
Plato típico Español en restaurante La Flaca
Copa de Vino en Madrid
Cervezas y croquetas en La Flaca